How a Hero Responds

February 23, 2018

There are moments in life that test your character. Sometimes it’s how you respond in a heated argument. Other times it might be your decision related to a sexual temptation. Most of us experience character tests while we are driving. Whatever the circumstances, all of us show who we really are in moments of pressure and split-second decision-making.

My friend, Pastor Greg Young, had such a moment a few months ago. While driving back to his radio studio in the Hill Country of Texas, Greg was in the passenger seat of the car with his 15-year-old daughter (Jackie) behind the wheel. Without warning, a large truck pulled into and blocked all three lanes of their side of the highway.

Jackie hit the brakes but Greg’s car was totaled upon impact.

Under normal circumstances, young Jackie would have been killed instantly, as the car’s engine was pushed deep into the car, ramming the steering wheel and dashboard straight toward Jackie. Yet, to the confusion of those who worked the scene of the accident, Jackie suffered minimal injuries.

Not so for her father, though. The accident left Greg in serious condition, and he was quickly shuttled to a trauma center 30 miles from Bandera.

It wasn’t until many days later, when Greg finally regained consciousness and coherence, that his family and doctors learned that Greg had heard God speak to him moments before the crash, directing him to protect Jackie. Greg immediately and obediently removed his seat belt and threw himself between Jackie and the steering wheel.

That act of love and heroism saved his daughter’s life. It was the choice of a servant of the living God to do as instructed by his heavenly Father and the ultimate demonstration of love by a parent protecting his little girl.

Unfortunately, Greg’s bravery and obedience left him with multiple serious injuries:

·         crushed right knee and tibia

·         broken right wrist and left hand

·         broken pelvis, hip, femur, fibula, and tibia

·         crushed base of the skull

·         two broken neck bones

·         two broken ribs

·         two breaks in his spine

·         bone structure of the left eye was crushed

·         broken nose

·         the skin was completely torn of his cheek, forehead, and the top of his head, severing the blood supply

Now, several months after the accident, Greg is out of the hospital and spends many challenging hours in rehabilitation. He is in a wheelchair and may never walk again. While his face is scared but healing, he is uncertain whether he will ever regain vision in his left eye. He does not talk about it, but he has to endure piercing pain throughout his body, 24/7, despite the pain relievers he receives.

Meanwhile, to accommodate his new life his family needs to reconstruct parts of their home to allow for wheelchair access and other post- injury requirements. They are limited by the cost of such construction – none of which was in their budget or covered by insurance.

I met Greg a couple of years ago when he invited me to be a guest on his daily conservative-talk radio show. We hit it off right away, and he asked if I would be on the show regularly. I gratefully accepted the offer, and we had bi-weekly on-air chats about my research results and their implications for the U.S. for many months – until his accident. His wit and depth of knowledge helped the program to rapidly gain national popularity, expanding from its original station in Texas to placement on more than 50 stations today.

A few months after we started working together I made a trip to Bandera to be on the program live, to speak at his church, and to spend some time discussing the future of America and what we could facilitate to bring genuine transformation to our nation. During our time together it became clear to me that Greg is a true man of God, a student of His word, and a devoted patriot.

Today Greg is doing all he can to recover physical and emotional health in the wake of the horrific accident. His heroism saved his daughter’s life – and nearly cost him his own. And I know from our recent conversations that he would not hesitate to do the same thing again if the occasion arose.

But Greg and his family are struggling to put the pieces of their lives back together. They need financial help and have initiated a GoFundMe campaign.

You may not have heard Greg’s radio programs – but you can do so by using these links to recent programs ( But as I watch all kinds of wacky projects get tens of thousands of dollars through crowdfunding, I am hopeful that Christians will rally around Greg Young in his time of need. He lived a humble life before the accident. Now, it is a life on the financial edge.

But you and I can change that.

If you are interested in reading more about Greg Young, go to:

If you would like to contribute something to support Greg and his family as they seek to restructure their home to accommodate his new physical needs, please go here:

Thanks for considering this. Greg has served the body of Christ to the best of his ability for years. It would be wonderful if some believers – perhaps you – felt moved to help mitigate Pastor Greg’s unfortunate financial pressures.